Don’t worry if you have never meditated before – because you have! It’s just like daydreaming. In guided meditation, we ask you to use your imagination and just listen. Mindfulness meditations usually focus on the breath or a sound and ask you to notice when your mind changes focus and gets distracted by a thought or emotion. We never ask you to “empty” your mind. That would just give you a headache!!

We are learning to detach from anxious thoughts. This is achieved by practising awareness, identifying tension in the body, understanding your thinking patterns and learning how to deal with difficult emotions.

According to recent studies, when you can create a little space between yourself and what you’re experiencing, your anxiety can soften. Practising mindfulness and listening to guided meditations daily can help us achieve this.

Press play on the YouTube video below to listen along to our guided meditations.

You are not your thoughts

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