Clanbeat & Empatico

Have you struggled to make your lessons about “the world around us” engaging and real for your students? Have you wanted them to learn about culture, art, cuisine, the weather, the landscape and life in other countries but found yourself relying on books and youtube?

That struggle is over, Clanbeat and Empatico are teaming up to give you the opportunity to share real time and real life experiences between your class and a class anywhere else in the world. We will even support you with a lesson plan, introduce you to the other teacher as well as showing you how to use the Clanbeat app so that your students can safely share views from their windows, ask and answer questions and find out more about one another beyond the classroom walls.

Access to Empatico and use of the Clanbeat App are completely free for this pilot, which will kick off in January.

Aimed at 11 and 12 year olds (those in their last year of primary school or first year of secondary school). We would love to hear from UK and Ireland based schools wishing to participate in this pilot.

Please note, spaces are limited on this pilot and will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Sheena Clanbeat

To take part and for more information please contact:

Sheena McGonigle
[email protected]