Frequently Asked Questions

Clanbeat is a space for students’ growth and well-being — through supporting them in taking an active role in their learning and life (i.e. agency). At the heart of it, there is the cycle of setting goals, planning actions, acting and reflecting.

While going through the loop, students monitor how they feel, how they perform and how they learn. That is in order to strengthen their foundations of social and emotional skills and learning to learn skills. It all happens in a community of interactions and synergy. The experience is designed such that it contributes towards students’ adaptability to succeed in the changing world.

Clanbeat is supporting self-directed learning (SDL) and social-emotional learning (SEL) framework. Clanbeat is co-created with educational psychologists from Tallinn University, Grete Arro and Kati Aus, who are avid advocates of supporting students in their learning journeys of becoming better learners with a growth mindset.

Growth mindset is a muscle you can grow and even small steps are making a world difference in some child’s ability to succeed in life. If the school you are working in does not support students setting their own goals then start with the time you have together with them and walk them through – if not having all their homework and life goals in one place, then start with just one goal. But the most important one! And have this as a safe place for reflecting and connecting on their everyday life for more social-emotional skills.

Using Clanbeat has impact in better academic results, more student agency, more personalised interventions, increased well-being and what’s most important – having more wholesome human beings who are able to create positive change in the world.

Teacher will see live data from students’ activity, mood pulse and task creation. For measuring impact in the longer run we are more than happy to set up actions on your preferred area you wish to track, so you could evaluate how this is working on your school. Please send a request to [email protected] and let’s set it up.

Very good question. For bringing positive change to students’ lives positive habits are required and you can support them in forming them. Please look HERE for ideas

It really takes only a few minutes. Click on “Get started” and fill in the required fields. Your class account is created automatically and you are immediately ready to start exploring.

After you have created an account for your class you will see the JOIN CODE in your Clanbeat app (click on the homepage “MY CLASS” and you will see it immediately) – that is unique to your class only. Share it only with your class during the time you are inviting them in. The initial code is valid for 14 days. You can generate a new code from the same place anytime you’d like to renew it if some of your students missed the first opportunity or you have new students joining your class.

Teacher has the class overview of statistics to keep the pulse of your class and get important insights on students activities to support them on their learning journey.

You as a teacher can see only public content created by the students. Their private reflections will be owned by the students and you can see them only once shared with you. The same goes with their tasks.

You will see live information based on the last 7 days:

  • What is the emotional pulse of your class in live overview
  • Who are the ones that need support in setting goals
  • Who are the ones that need support in reflecting
  • Number of students being active in Clanbeat app
  • Number of students adding goals in Clanbeat
  • Number of students reflecting in Clanbeat
  • Reports of acts of bullying happening in Clanbeat app

Using Clanbeat builds awareness about yourself and others around you, supporting social and emotional skills. This has the potential to decrease the chance for bullying. But, might bullying occur inside Clanbeat, there is the reporting functionality available to anyone who notices inappropriate content. The teacher will be notified of the report. It will include who are the parties involved, what is the content and when did it happen. This helps to support personalised intervention. Also, the teacher will be notified should there be any students left out from interactions, seeing the social patterns in the group.

Free version does not support integration with the Learning Management System (LMS). You can agree with students that they will take autonomy over their learning and write down their own tasks to Clanbeat. Or, you can contact us at [email protected] and let’s talk how to integrate your LMS to Clanbeat for a streamlined experience.

The current version of Clanbeat is for students and teachers only. Parents do not have access to the platform.

Android (version 5 or newer) or iOS ( version 12 or newer) smartphone or tablet.

Clanbeat is GDPR-compliant and follows all the standards protecting your data and the data of your students. Clanbeat does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties. Also, no cat or baby pictures by third parties – keeping your learning space clean and protected.

The data in Clanbeat is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and the data that is entered in Clanbeat is owned by you and your students personally, making it a better alternative to commercial platforms. It is a private space only for you and your students’ growth and well-being.

Not yet, but we are working on it. Coming up soon.

Clanbeat app is in English language, but the content you create can be in any language you prefer. All the tasks, reflections and social interactions can happen in your native language.

Yes. From your phone settings it is possible to select the Clanbeat app and turn off / on the notifications. We only send the notifications when someone shares information with you or is reacting to the content you have created.

We have created this for students and life-long learners from the age 11 and up. But we do not restrict any age group in using it under the supervision of a responsible adult. You know your students and their abilities the best weather this might be a good fit for them.

For a teacher to use Clanbeat with her / his students, it is for free. We do have paid options (12 euros per student per year) if you would like to onboard your whole school and get the data overview for better school-level management of the focus areas Clanbeat is supporting or getting integration to your LMS for streamlining tasks and other data into one continuous flow and experience for students – having one place for their growth and well-being.