STEP 1Getting comfortable with your Clanbeat account

You can download Clabeat on any or all of your smart devices and desktop computers. As an app, it can be downloaded via Google Play or App Store. In the web browser, you can access Clanbeat at

Please use the same log-in method (i.e your phone number, Google or Microsoft account) each time and throughout all the devices. Should you face any challenges, please contact our team at [email protected].

The core difference between Clanbeat app and the web browser version is that the app provides on-screen notifications. Therefore, for full experience and prompt interaction, we recommend using Clanbeat on app wherever appropriate and possible.

STEP 2A brief overview of your opportunities with Clanbeat

Create meaningful connections.
Both you and your group members will come to Clanbeat as their full selves, complete with your interests and bucket list. Do develop your own profile and give time to your students to do the same, and explore info about each other. Building organically on the human need to interact, Clanbeat provides a safe social media: there are opportunities to communicate in groups and 1:1. It will always be possible to choose your audience mindfully – who is your info truly intended for? For tackling possible mischief, each post can be ‘reported’ to the group leader.

Evidence well-being.
With every piece of content that is shared on Clanbeat, users can attach their mood. Explore and encourage this practice in yourself and your students. Doing personal daily or weekly well-being check-ins is another positive habit that Clanbeat helps to develop. We’d like to compare this to basic hygiene to brushing your teeth. Everyone can see their own overview on their profile page and, as a teacher, you can see your group info by clicking ‘Well-being’ on your home page. This is how you can notice problems early and respond asap.

Enhance the quality of reflection.
In-class or outside, users can record their reflections, privately or shared with others. It can be done in writing, using visuals or photos. Reflection prompts and routines can be established by you as a teacher and / or together with your students. There’s a prompt by the app itself on Fridays to call for a weekly wrap-up. And, each time a task is completed, an invitation to reflect follows.

Create (and co-create) your days.
On Clanbeat, tasks can be jotted down and shared with other members of the group. Users can set their own task labels and reminders, and recognise the nature of a task – is it something easy, a medium weight or hard? This is one great way to transfer ideas into actionable items and design one’s daily experience – to put into practice the concept that we ourselves truly can create (and co-create) our lives. Some refer to it as agency.

And – there is even more to Clanbeat, which you will be able to design based on your own unique needs and approach.

How do the described features work in detail? Please see the walk-through video here.

During your pilot period, all these features are free to use for you and your group. After 6 weeks of fair try, you can pick your preferred feature sets and payment model as described here.

STEP 3Specifying your 'why' and designing your initial practises with Clanbeat

Together we need to recognise that it is fundamentally you yourself and your students who will shape your experience with platform technologies like Clabeat. The magic happens once your Clanbeat group is used for the purpose(s) that matter to you and your students.

Based on our current users’ insights, we humbly yet whole-heartedly invite you to take a deliberate moment to think about your intention for taking up Clanbeat. Is it to provide that safe digital space for your students to express themselves and explore themselves as learners? Is it to make sure that each student gets noticed by you as a teacher, so you’ll be able to avoid continuous fire-fighting?

Based on your ‘why’, take time to design your initial practice. Depending on your reasons identified earlier, it could be for example:

  • Moving all your operational level communication with your class to Clanbeat for at least 6 weeks.
  • Implementing daily well-being check-ins, supporting each student to build that habit.
  • Doing a reflection exercise during each homeroom teacher / tutor lesson, based on the questions by the teacher and / or co-created together with students.
  • Establishing the routine of students’ planning a minimum of one task that matters to them for the upcoming week.

STEP 4Onboarding your students

Invite your students to download Clanbeat to their smart device. Share with them the ACCESS CODE, which you will find via “Manage” button on the home page.

Here are some resources which you may find helpful for introducing Clanbeat to your students: a 3-minute video or a customisable presentation.

Many of our teachers’ community members have told us they have preferred to onboard students during a physical meeting – in order to assure each student’s arrival to the group.

STEP 5Following through your practise, improve and change as needed

Welcome to our journey together! This is now going to be about observing your students’ and your own practice and learning. We have often heard that Clanbeat opens a new mirror for seeing what goes on with your group and its members – we invite you to embrace that with open heart and mind.

What we know clearly from our users: to experience the value of Clanbeat, it is important to develop at least one baseline practice that gets you and your students meaningfully started and engaged on a continuous basis. From the wisdom of habit-building, it could be the smallest sense-making practice that could create value to you and your students. Allow space for bigger changes to develop step by step.

Then – take your time to experiment. What do you notice? What are you learning? What works, what doesn’t? Why might that be? What needs to happen next? How might you co-create the experience with your students?

LlollaThe Clanbeat Support Llama

Stay in touch

In every step of the way, please know that we are just a call or an e-mail away.

Do let us know if you need another mind to bounce questions or ideas with you.

Your Clanbeat Team
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